Friday, December 5, 2008

Separate From The World

An Ohio Amish Mystery

P.L. Gaus
I brought this book home from the library last night. And I was able to return it this morning. Yep, read the whole thing last night. And I had the light off by 10:00.
Yo Cynthia, how'd ya do that?
Let me tell ya.
I never put it down. I carried it to two basket ball practices, a band rehearsal and a date with my husband.
Okay, I didn't actually read on our date, but I did have the book with me. It was so worth obsessing over.
Here is a quick synopsis. An Amish midget comes to a burned out college professor to ask him for help because he thinks that his brother has been murdered. While he is there in the professors office one of the professors students jumps to her death from the bell tower right in front of the window they are sitting at.
Into a crowd of anti war protesters.
Crazy and totally compelling. I was instantly drawn into the characters and the plot. And it is twisty and turny in a really nice way.
I love the comments that the Amish make about the lifestyles of the English. I have already returned the book, so I am going to give you a non verbatim quote of my favorite line in the whole book.
The Amish fellow says: (about pre-marital sex)
If sex is free what can you cherish in your
Two big thumbs up on this one. It is number 6 in a series and I plan on reading the rest as soon as I can get my hands on them.

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