Thursday, November 27, 2008

Berried Alive

Kate Kingsbury WWII. England. The Lady of the manor is divorced, broke and in love with a married American airman. She is determined to take care of her village and do the right thing. Always.
Then 4 American airmen turn up dead. It seems that they were poisoned with the berries of the Daphne plant. They have only one thing in common.
When I checked this book out the woman who was returning it thought that it got a little silly at the end. I enjoyed the ending. Lady Elizabeth does a good job of investigating without letting on to anyone that she knows anything about what is going on. Her household staff is entertaining and the Americans spice village life up. I thought the ending was reasonable, even though it became glaringly obvious.
I seem to be picking a lot of books lately set in England in WWII. I was struck by the desire of the villagers to be allowed back on the beach. They couldn't go to it because there were mines planted.
Can you imagine? Very thought provoking. Not that this is a heavy book by any stretch. Just little realistic snippets of their lives.
I noticed one swear word, muttered by an employee when she didn't know Lady Elizabeth was within hearing distance. Oh, I just thought of one more. Okay, two. Other than that nice and clean.

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Jeanette said...

Ha ha! I love the title of this book! Really there are some great titles in the cozy mystery genre that just make me smile. I have read a woefully small number of mysteries this year. I am going to have to correct that soon I think.