Sunday, November 23, 2008

Ralph M. McInerny

*******PG13 Rating******SWEAR WORDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh how I loved these Father Dowling mysteries when I was younger. Tom Bosley is so likable. And the fabulous nun played by Tracey Nelson.

I am going to stick with the TV version.

This book was weird and boring to me. A socially challenged, Type A personality dentist decides he needs a trophy wife. The only problem is that she is already someone else's trophy wife. When she won't have him, he decides no one will and kills her, and frames her husband. He has to keep killing to cover his tracks. He is psychotic and creepy. I have a hard time liking a book when I have no emotional connection with any of the characters. They are all so flawed that you really don't care who lives or who is murdered.

And then there is a weird televangelist.

And a creepy bar. Like I said above, I gave this a PG13 rating because of language, but the content is also seedy. I would not let my 10 year old read this, so I really think I have no business reading it. I know I keep using the word weird in this review, but that is just kind of how this one felt. I was just glad to get done with it.

Now you know

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